People and places

Most places have a story to tell. The tale behind the obvious scene is often the most interesting story of all. Not to forget the people. I write stories of special places, as well as portraits of inspiring, ordinary, and extraordinary people. My heroes.

I work as a communications and content consultant too, advising companies on how to find and tell their unique stories. 


You know sometimes, depending on the context and as in Stairway to Heaven, a song by Led Zeppelin, words have two meanings. Or more.

Tibbe Vegsö


Nanoq is the inuit word for polar bear.

I had my first encounter in the wild somewhere

in the pack ice north of Spitzbergen back in 1987. Strong, yet vulnerable, cute, yet clearly commanding respect, it captured my heart.

Little did i know that the polar bear would later become a symbol, reminding us that we all bear responsibility for the wellbeing of our planet.

I feel strongly that we do.   

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